Divya Aggarwal

Vocational training is essential to every person. It will always enhance your skill and never be a waste. Though I am a professional accountant and presently practicing as a junior lawyer; it was a great experience at the FNP floral design school.
Previously floral designing was my hobby and now it’s my second business. I fortunately got a great opportunity to study at FNP FLORAL DESIGN SCHOOL in Delhi.

It was an amazing experience for me. As an International student, I was really surprised with their excellent teaching methods; it was really helpful for me to have practical knowledge in this field. I think the advanced course was indeed helpful to my career. I recommend this to every international as well as local student. Join and see the course content it would really boost your career.

I am proud to announce myself as the first student who has completed the basic, advanced and specialized courses from the FNP Floral Design School! I’m glad I joined the school! It was a fascinating experience!!!

The biggest benefit was the wonderful interaction and discussion between students and faculty that not only shared individual experiences, but joined together in the quest for knowledge.

I appreciate the extra activities such as the flower market Visit, handicraft visit, involvement in their practical projects; Guest lectures by visiting faculty were wonderful and have helped a lot.

The courses are so comprehensive and contain all the minute details, which are actually required in the field of floral designing–basic and detailed theoretical knowledge, lots of new designs, brain storming, making budgets, suggesting designs and lot of team work! Experienced people in this field conducted the lectures and hence it gave a lot of knowledge and exposure.

The specialized course classes worked out the best as one got to implement theoretical knowledge into practical experience and also formed a good platform for the future. Faculty members were a great blend of youth and a bank of skills, inspiring us to be like them in the coming years.

They were always ready to guide us on phone or email whenever we sought their assistance. It was only through their efforts that I am able to start up my own business in Chandigarh. I didn’t know what to expect when I enrolled in this program, but I have been pleasantly surprised and my expectations have been more than fulfilled with respect to this program’s modules.

Not only has my career been enhanced by the collaboration and learning new techniques, but also the scope of day-to-day work has been strengthened and expanded.

The assignments, exams and lectures by eminent teachers gave us a great insight and in-depth guidance about this industry. The other students were also from similar background and some from totally different areas, but the environment was highly competitive and I made friends for a lifetime.

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