Meeta Gutgutia,

Creative Director, FNP Floral Design School:

Meeta has been a connoisseur of art and creativity. Designer, par excellence, Meeta has been the forefront of the creative elements of Ferns N Petals group since twenty years. Elegance, intricacy and sensibility with a touch of glamour defines Meeta’s styling concept. Her knack of creativity and artistic bent of mind has been the guiding force for her meticulous involvement in the school’s prospective journey. She continues to encourage and foster fresh talent to become successful professionals in the floral industry.
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Devyani Kantawala,

Director, FNP Floral Design School:

Enriched with years of experience in floral industry, Ms Devyani Kantawala is the latest entrant to Ferns N Petals family. She is the driving force behind the functioning of The FNP Floral Design School.Holding an Advanced Floral Design Certificate, Devyani is proficient in client servicing and manages their requirements, right from inception to conception. She serves as the catalyst for achieving revenue objectives and organic growth through her effectual endeavors. She also plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the FNP Floral Design School. Her enthusiasm towards work motivates the team under her to accomplish their goals effectively.


Ishani Kapur,

Administration Head & Faculty Member, FNP Floral Design School:

Ishani Kapur’s creative flair towards floral designs intertwines color, nature and style. She has been associated with the school since its inception and after acquiring professional degree from FNP Floral Design School itself, she has been actively involved in training the other batches. Her love for decorative arts and their history continues to collaborate with the rough hand of nature. Ishani’s polished management skills help her to supervise the everyday activities of the school. Her enthusiasm for detail and ability to innovate using the grandest and simplest of materials makes her a dynamic instructor who brings a sense of organic sculpture to her designs.

Ritika Chauhan,

Faculty Member, FNP Floral Design School:

A proficient in wedding and event decor, Ritika has been working with Ferns N Petals for over a year now. Her knowledge of aesthetics plays a vital role in planning and execution of the design aspects of the school’s core training which is the essence of learning floral artistry. Her affable nature helps young talent in learning floral designing through engaging activities at the FNP Floral Design School.